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Our Program & Services

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What we cover

Children & Youth, Adult Literacy and Empowerment, Community Outreach,  Food Pantry, & More

Children and Youth

The Children and Youth Program includes before and after-school care and a 12-week summer-long project. This early childhood education program deploys an interdisciplinary curriculum focused on the fundamentals of STEM (science,  technology, engineering, and mathematics).


Before and After School Program reduce risky behaviors, promotes physical health, and provides a safe and supportive environment for children and youth. In partnership with the William  Penn School District, this program has existed since 2011 and serves the academic needs of underserved children within the community. A new innovative component of transportation pick up and drop off was added to the program, thus making it a Before and After-School program.  Below is an added detail of the 2022 program performance. All For All Agency’s Before and After  School Program is a broad and community-based initiative that caters to the holistic needs of children in Delaware County and its surroundings. The program assists children with their assignments and provides additional education, recreation, personal enhancement, reading, peer interactions, support, mentoring, transportation, and community integration. It serves 25 children from several school districts.


This short-term project is a DELCO -Emergency  Rental Assistance, Application Support Project, which was launched in response to the economic impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The project aimed to assist low-income renters at risk of eviction due to loss of income. The project provided application assistance, education, and case management services to renters in need.

The Emergency Rental Assistance Application Support Project successfully assisted low-income renters at risk of eviction due to loss of income. The project’s combination of application assistance, education, and case management services was effective in helping renters access rental assistance and other resources. The project played a critical role in helping renters maintain their housing during a difficult time, and it is recommended that similar programs be continued and expanded in the future.


The AFA Agency Family Empowerment program is a transformative initiative dedicated to strengthening family bonds and fostering resilience. Through comprehensive support services, it empowers families to navigate challenges, build essential life skills, and create a nurturing environment for growth. AFA’s commitment to holistic well-being ensures that families thrive and overcome obstacles together through workshops, counseling, and educational initiatives, AFA empowers families to overcome challenges and build a stronger foundation for a brighter future. The program’s localized approach ensures that it addresses the unique needs of each neighborhood, creating a positive impact on the families it serves.

Community Outreach

Delaware County Immigrant Coalition, Liberia Nurses Association, the African Diaspora Health Initiative, and other, Outreach activities harness the strengths of these organizations in addressing the socioeconomic, integration, healthcare, and other needs of the African immigrant population in our region to ensure equity in participation of our community lives.


The Summer Enrichment Camp runs successfully every year, providing students with a fun and educational experience during the summer break. The camp staff and volunteers worked hard to ensure that all students had a positive experience, and their feedback confirmed that their efforts were successful. We look forward to continuing to offer this program in the future and providing more students with the opportunity to participate.


As part of AFA’s mission, It expands socioeconomic opportunities through compassionate and culturally sensitive programs that empower the underserved, The All for Al Agency started a  community food program to ensure food security for the underserved. The AFA Agency  Community Shared Food Pantry started serving the community in July 2022 after meeting the basic requirements of the Delaware County Community Shared Food Program. This qualification enables the agencies to receive food from the Delco Shared Food Program’s Federal  Emergency Food Assistance Program(TEFAP), the State Food, and the Philly Food Rescue program. The Pantry has received and distributed food to residents every Wednesday and  Friday since opening in July 2022. SHARE


The AFA Welcome Resource Center along with the Development Director ensures that management of the AFA Agency Welcome, Resource Center, and programs are carried out at the center. During this reporting period, the following were carried out.


AFA Agency increased its partnership and networking in fulfilling its mission. There was improved communication instead of competing for space in the community.  The Agency networking with other nonprofits in the same space opens doors to collaboration and mutual benefit.  AFA Agency is an active member of the Delaware County Immigrant Coalition, which comprises all the nonprofit immigrant organizations delivering services in Delaware  County. The Lofty Places, a Partner for Secret Places affiliate, supports the AFA Agency Supervised  Virtual Learning Program. William Penn School District supports community meals and virtual learning programs. The Agape Senior Center is a collaboration to address the needs of the elderly immigrants in our community. The Liberian Nurses Association and the African Diaspora Health initiative in meeting the health needs of the immigrant population.